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Paul from Michigan

“While watching Campmeeting, I Sowed into God’s Kingdom through Inspiration Ministries.

My small concrete business was not doing well, and I was struggling financially. But I’ve learned through your programs that if I Sow during times of lack and trust God for a Harvest, He will provide.

So I ‘Sowed in tears and came again rejoicing.’ Now my phone rings daily with job requests. My business is overflowing, and God is not only providing enough money for me to pay all my bills, but my bank account is prospering.”

Sow Your Seed

Jannae from Nevada

“I have been Sowing Seeds into your ministry for some time, especially during Campmeetings. I truly believe these Seeds were a key to a miracle God did in my life.

Recently, the bank contacted my husband and me and said they had modified our home mortgage.

Amazingly, they reduced the principal by $119,538! Plus, our mortgage payment remains the same, with a fixed interest of 5% for a 25-year term! I know this was an awesome Uncommon Harvest from God, since we never even applied for a reduced mortgage! Talk about the FAVOR of God! I can’t stop thanking Him enough!”

Sow Your Seed

Joe from Louisiana

“I was watching your broadcast recently, and God inspired me to Sow a $1,000 Seed into your ministry for His Kingdom.

Two weeks later, I received a check with an extra $700 for my retirement pay. I was not expecting this!

Then two months later, I learned that I am also an heir to three oil-producing wells in Mississippi and received a check for $1,974.10.

Plus, I will be getting a revenue check each month from now on for about $50. Praise God!”

Sow Your Seed

Liz from North Carolina

“One day while praying for my husband Rob’s salvation, your Campmeeting broadcast caught my attention.

I thought, ‘Wow, whenever I need a word from the Lord, INSP always encourages my heart!’ The speaker then shared how we can Sow a financial Seed specifically for the salvation of our lost loved ones.

Although our finances were very limited, I quickly called to Sow a Seed for Rob’s salvation. When I told your prayer minister that’s what I was Sowing for, she prayed such a heartfelt prayer for him that I cried.

Two weeks later, Rob gave his life to Jesus! He now serves the Lord faithfully, and God has blessed us with a Christian singing ministry. Thank you! Your broadcasts and prayers had a powerful role in my husband’s salvation.”

Sow Your Seed

Susan from Kentucky

“While watching Campmeeting one night, I felt a strong urge to Sow a substantial Seed for God’s Kingdom into Inspiration Ministries.

When I called in my pledge, I sensed the Lord was putting extra protection around my family.

Two days later, my 18-year-old son, Taliaferro, was driving in a fierce rain storm, and his Ranger truck hydroplaned off a country road. “The truck plowed through a steel farm fence, another row of fencing, and only stopped when it crashed and wrapped around an oak tree. The Ranger was totaled.

Yet amazingly, my son had no scratches or bruises. Praise God! Plus, when the insurance company paid for the damages to the totaled 2008 truck, he was able to buy a brand-new, red Ranger!

So God not only spared his life during the horrible accident, but also gave him the truck of his dreams!”

Sow Your Seed

Veronica from South Carolina

“For five years, my daughter and her husband tried unsuccessfully to have a baby.

She had severe endometriosis, and doctors said she would never be able to conceive. So during Campmeeting last year, I Sowed a Seed into God’s Kingdom and gave it a Specific Assignment for my daughter to become pregnant.

Then I told one of your prayer ministers about my daughter’s infertility problems, including three surgeries, two miscarriages, and an upcoming fifth attempt at in vitro fertilization. I requested prayer for God to bless them with a child. The prayer minister fervently prayed for my daughter.

The very next month, she discovered she was pregnant! Now she has given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl, appropriately named Miracle! God faithfully answered our prayers. I’m a proud grandmother, and my daughter and son-in-law are wonderful parents!”

Sow Your Seed

Christopher from France

“I live in France, and my wife and I planned to begin a ministry in Lyon, France’s second-biggest city.

But we had to postpone this mission because of the extremely high cost of housing.

During Campmeeting on Inspiration Network International (INI), I sensed the Holy Spirit telling me not to consider my small income, but to stand on God’s promises.

Not only was I led to Sow a financial Seed during Campmeeting, but I also began Sowing monthly Uncommon Seeds.

Since then, God’s favor has been on me and my family! And He enabled us to buy a house and move to our Promised Land for ministry in Lyon.”

Sow Your Seed

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Closed Country Policy

Due to safety and security issues in nations where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is outlawed, we deeply regret that we can no longer send printed communications or products to our Inspiration Partners and Friends living in the following countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kuwait
  • Libya
  • Mauritania
  • Morocco
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Yemen
Although our heart's desire is to bless and encourage these dear Believers, we do not want to endanger them or their families in any way.

Please join with us in faithfully praying for these brothers and sisters in Christ, who may be risking daily persecution and even their very lives for their beliefs. May God bless them mightily with His peace, presence, provision, and power as they faithfully seek to walk in a loving relationship with Him.

To learn more about our Muslim ministry outreach please click here.

* If you reside in one of these closed countries, please click here to view spiritual encouragement.

To download and/or print an Adobe PDF copy of David Cerullo's book, 'The Angels in Heaven Rejoice', or the Book of John, please click here.