Welcome to Inspiration Ministries!

The need to reach the Lost with the Gospel has never been more urgent. We welcome the opportunity to share more with you about our passion to win the Lost and disciple Believers for God’s Kingdom.


Over 20 years ago, the Lord entrusted David Cerullo with a media ministry of evangelism and discipleship to shine the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

Since then, God has blessed Inspiration Ministries greatly, which means we’re able to bless you even more through powerful Christian programming, humanitarian outreaches, and on-site events.

Our Purpose

Our God-given mission is to impact people for Christ worldwide through media. Through cable television, satellite broadcast and digital streaming we are spreading the Gospel all over the world.

Our vision is to shine the Light of the Gospel to every continent, in every major language group, and through every form of technology.

We rejoice that God is preparing and equipping us to do our part to help “fill the earth with the knowledge of His glory” (Habakkuk 2:14), but consider the enormity of the task:

• Approximately 7.2 billion people are alive today

• More than 2 billion people have never heard the name of Jesus even once

• Each day over 250,000 people pass into eternity, most without Christ

Taking Back the Airwaves

The Lord has given Inspiration Ministries a vision to take back the airwaves with high-quality, Christ-centered, redemptive programming.

We are able to do this because of the faithful and generous support of ministry friends and Partners like you.

Because of you, hundreds of millions of people around the world have access to the Gospel through Inspiration Ministries right where they are!

Delivering the Gospel with Technology

We are delivering the Good News of Jesus Christ through cable television, direct-to-home satellite distribution, Video on Demand, the Internet, print communications, and other mobile platforms.

New technology is rapidly increasing our ability to penetrate the spiritual darkness in the nations of the world. We are working hard to stay right on the cutting edge of new and developing media technology.

Integrity Makes a Difference

“With so many Christian networks asking for money, I decided to switch to Inspiration Ministries because of the sincerity I see.”
– NANCY, United Kingdom

One day we will give an account to God for every word spoken, every deed done, and every dollar invested in reaching people for Christ worldwide through this ministry. We recognize that as a sacred trust.

We’re thrilled that $.81 of every dollar we receive is spent on ministry outreaches to evangelize and disciple the hundreds of millions of people currently within our reach.

To ensure that Inspiration Ministries always maintains the highest possible standard of integrity, we have retained the services of a leading national accounting firm for nonprofit organizations. For more than 35 years, they have faithfully served some of the most respected ministries in the country.

Thank you.

“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel” (Mark 16:15)

Through your partnership with Inspiration Ministries, you are eternally impacting people for Christ!

We are honored to partner with you to reach lost Souls with the Gospel. As God is blessing you, you are blessing others. Together, we’re using media to overcome the darkness with the Light of Jesus Christ!