Heart Softening

“I planted a seed with my brother’s name on it (Ronnie) about a year ago while watching a Campmeeting. A month ago, he decided he needed to go into a recovery program. Now he is rethinking his life. God is faithful. I am trusting God to deliver my brother and save his soul.”

– John G., CA


“I have always believed in giving, planting seeds, tithes, and offering, yet never gave big. After listening to Campmeeting each morning at 4 a.m., I started to give more and be more faithful at paying tithes and offering. Today, I am being blessed in all areas of my life.”

–Barbara F., FL


“I thank God first and then Inspiration Ministry for the good news that you feed us every day and night. May the almighty God surely bless you and everyone and strengthen you so that you always share the word of God with us.”

–Ebenezer A., Ghana

Family Growth

“I woke up early one morning, and Dave Martin was speaking on Inspiration Campmeeting. He was inspirational and funny at the same time. He shared about how sowing seed based on Deuteronomy 1:11 blessed him, and I was inspired to sow a seed, too. But before I even sowed the seed, I started seeing changes in my family. We’re praying over our goals and getting ready for the thousand-times blessing to manifest in our lives because we put God back in first place in our family. Thank you for your message and faithfulness to God’s people.”

– Angie H., TX 

Immediate Harvest

“I have sown seed in your ministry as I was learning about seed. My daughter was having difficulties in her business and I showed her about [sowing] seed. Within hours after sowing, her husband closed a deal. May God be glorified. Many thanks for your teachings.”

– Ahaliah S., Mauritius 

Life on Track

“In January 2018 to say that I was lost would be an understatement. I had never given like that before, but the message resonated so strongly with me that I sowed my seed and contacted Inspiration Ministries with my first prayer request – to give me strength and help me along my walk with God. A year later, God had completely turned my life around! Jesus revealed Himself to my heart, and I now trust Him completely as my Lord and Savior!”

– Ekaterina K., VA

Receives Hope

“I am very thankful, grateful, and appreciative for all the blessings from our Heavenly Father. Without him in my life and my family’s lives, we all would be lost. Inspiration Ministries gives me hope, strengthens my faith, and encourages me to continue my walk with our Heavenly Father.”

– Tawny M., HI

Campmeeting Victory!

“A first-time seed sower gave $1,000 and received $32,000!”

– Lakesha M., CA

Continually Reaping!

“On April 25, the Lord woke me up to Campmeeting. The message was on sowing a seed and reaping a harvest within 90 days. I sowed a $1,000 seed and have been continually reaping since … now at $24,000 and counting!”

– P.C., VA

Bills Caught Up!

“Each month I plant my seeds God has multiplied to me and my ministry. I have been able to catch up on my bills. I know being debt free is coming very soon. God Bless Inspiration Ministries.”

– Barbara P., FL

Harvest Received!

“I sowed a $58 seed for the safety of a friend and their family. I found out they are okay. Also, about $190 was taken off a doctor bill.”

– Nancy S., Social Media

God is Blessing!

“Dear Friends, I am so happy to report that since I have started to sow again, God is pouring out blessing in my financial affairs like I can’t believe. I was reluctant to sow since my financial position has changed due to death of my husband. I boldly trust our Father and make a commitment to sow the best way I can, and now God has blessed me. I give God all the honor, glory, and praise. I thank you at the Ministry for your love and support. Now I can’t wait to sow my seed of faith. I LOVE THE FEELING I get. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”

– Carmen E., CA